MAGNA-RX, also named as MagnaRX , is a kind of male sex enhancement, aims at make penis longer and thicker during your sexual activities. MAGNA-RX is rich in active material VD/SR, which can activate the penis sponge body resting cells, promote the penis rapid cell division, regeneration, penis cell proliferation, and make the body organization penis increase significantly. Through a large number of clinical data shows that, the penis volume increases only you have taken MAGNA-RX for 1-3 courses. The penis can reach its ideal size, and change the collapse of the penis state. The penis can feel a sense of strong and powerful after taking MAGNA-RX for 10 minutes.

Outstanding advantages of MAGNA-RX:

Advantage1. Quick effects.

Clinical verification: After taking MAGNA-RX, kidney function can be improved obviously, you may be full of spirit and energy, and your body will be strong. Many patients with lumbar debility, insomnia and tireless wait and legs have been improved obviously, and eventually eliminate.

Advantage 2: No fatigue and no empty feeling.

Clinical verification: MAGNA-RX can rapidly active renal cell, open the seal on the kidney function with rapid effects, protect the kidney with anti-fatigue effect, no empty feeling, and no harm to the body.

Advantage 3: Repair kidney and do no harm to health.

Clinical verification: MAGNA-RX can nourish renal cell regeneration, directly repair renal system comprehensively. Restore your kidney into a young state. At the same time, MAGNA-RX can promote the kidney to the cardiovascular system with the nutrient and capability, improve microcirculation, and promote the whole body blood circulation.


1.MAGNA-RX is only suitable for man.

2.The young person should be given cautiously, and it without children's touch.

3.Do not take MAGNA-RX twice within 24 hours.

4.If you got many times erection or long time erection ejaculate during sexual intercourse, you can release it from drinking cold water.

5.Not to take MAGNA-RX when the character change.

6.If you have any discomfort after taking MAGNA-RX, you can stop take it for few days or contact to your doctor.

[Dosage] Orally take one tablet 10 minutes before sexual intercourse with warm water.

[Specification]10 grains/bottle

[Storage]Airproof, sunshineproof, put it in cool and dry place.

[Expiry]4 years.